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Barbara Fraser endorses Steve Stenger For County Executive

Barbara Fraser endorses Steve Stenger For County Executive

13:56 26 June in endorsement

Dear Friends,

Saint Louis County voters will choose the Democratic candidate for County Executive on Tuesday, August 5th.

Stenger and BarbHaving served as your County Council person, I have worked with both candidates: Council Member Steve Stenger and County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Based on my experience, I am supporting Steve Stenger for County Executive in the August 5th primary election.

I want to make sure we have a County Executive who provides leadership on issues that are important to us, and who exercises sound judgment about new issues that will affect our future.

Steve has been an able, effective and outspoken champion on issues regarding women, seniors, and citizens confronted by environmental threats. He has on many occasions stood up for those most vulnerable and does not shy away from taking a position even though it might be politically unpopular.

Against considerable executive opposition, Steve took a strong stand initiating and passing legislation that allowed all women who have experienced domestic violence, regardless of residency, to have access to the Saint Louis County Safe shelter. Steve is a strong advocate of a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. He also supported and worked hard to pass anti-discrimination legislation protecting the rights of all the people who live and work in Saint Louis County.

An accomplished CPA, lawyer and councilman, Steve is the right person to lead Saint Louis County now. His experience supporting progressive issues, small businesses, and his voting record make Steve my candidate of choice.

Because I know you share my goals of maintaining honesty, integrity, and accountability in government, I urge you to choose a Democratic ballot and support Steve Stenger for County Executive on August 5th.